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When Carrie Rose was six years old, she fought off her mother's attacker. Now, twenty years later, she's an internet sensation with millions of adoring fans and an offer to take her cooking show to television. Her culinary talents have brought her everything she's ever wanted. Money. Success. A loyal fanbase. But it also brought her something she didn't want.

A stalker.

Carrie's boyfriend has vowed to keep her safe from the man harassing her online. But it seems that he is hiding something from her and may not be the person she believes him to be.

Blood will be shed...

Allan Grayson is an Atlanta detective who's been working the same case for far too long. A serial killer known as The Camper has claimed over four dozen victims and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he's growing more brazen by the day. Now, in a race to stop him before he can kill again, Detective Grayson finds himself at Carrie Rose's house on a dark Georgia night. But will he make it there in time or will The Camper's body count rise?

Not everyone will live to see the dawn.

Bettes is the master of her genre.
If you like Stephen King, but feel he doesn't go far enough - Bettes takes you there 
  Bettes serves the gore up in huge delicious helpings.


Kimberly Bettes grabs you by the throat on the first page and relentlessly squeezes you to the last.​


A TRUE horror writer.


Kimberly A. Bettes is amazing and writes the most gripping and powerful novels.
Kimberly has a wide range of talents in her writing ability.








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